Enrich your Marketing with Web3 Data

Unlock the complete digital customer journey
by capturing on-chain activity with your existing marketing tools

The Platform

Activate Web3 Marketing Strategies

Effortlessly monitor on-chain customer behavior and sync it in real-time with your existing marketing stack through DappFuse.

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On-chain events

Monitor and capture essential on-chain events, including token transfers, transactions involving NFTs, and smart contract activities

Identity Resolution

Use our SDK's to match Web3 users with Web2 ad and analytics identifiers, integrating on-chain data to enhance customer profiles

Marketing Destinations

Connect on-chain events with your entire marketing stack and infuse your campaigns and reports web3 customer data



Platform Features

Integrated Web3 Marketing Platform

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Real-time Events.
Capture real-time transactions on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum and Base.
On-chain Activity.
Track all forms of on-chain activity, from token and NFT transfers to the smart contract interactions.
Advanced Filters.
Leverage advanced filters to create versatile marketing segments driven by on-chain customer behavior.
Marketing Connectors.
No-code integrations to send on-chain data seamlessly to your digital marketing tools.
Identity SDK.
Merge customer interactions from your web interfaces and apps with on-chain activity seamlessly.
Live Monitoring.
Get real-time stats and detailed monitoring of all your triggers and destinations.

Web3 Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing for the Next Digital Era

Today, many brands overlook the potential of Web3 data, missing key customer interactions. Activating Web3 data opens up a spectrum of new use cases.

Customer Journey.
By integrating web3 customer interactions with your analytics solutions you'll be able to create a complete customer journey.
Targeted Advertising.
Match Web3 audiences with demand-side advertising platforms to precisely target on-chain customer actions.
Marketing Automation.
Connect your marketing automation platform to trigger email campaigns based on on-chain events.
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