The world's first On-Chain Data Platform for Marketers

  • Connect the Dots of the Digital Customer Journey with Dappfuse by connecting your on-chain data with your existing marketing tools

  • Automatically push on-chain customer events to tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce CRM and many more


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On-Chain data for marketers

Empowering Marketers to Navigate the Web3 Ecosystem

Set On-Chain Triggers

Create on-chain triggers for wallet addresses, smart contracts and protocols to capture web3 data

Identity Resolution

Resolve web3 domains to real world identities and stitch your customer profiles with on-chain data

Marketing Connectors

Connect on-chain events with your entire marketing stack and infuse your campaigns and reports web3 customer data

Supported chains at launch

Platform MVP launch Q1 2024

We're thrilled to announce that the Dappfuse platform is expected to launch publicly in Q1 of 2024. This initial version will provide a core set of functionalities designed to empower marketers to navigate the dynamic Web3 ecosystem with ease and precision. Following the public launch, we are excited to evolve Dappfuse into a DOA that will guide the platform's development.

Participate in the MVP launch
  • With the MVP launch we will be looking for testers to help us improve and develop the platform further

  • Are you an enterprice company looking to leverage on-chain data for your marketing efforts? We'd love to hear from you

Our Team

Meet the innovators bridging on-chain data for marketers

Nicolas Lierman

Lead Architect

Nicolas is a Marketing Technologist with over two decades of expertise in both engineering and strategic roles. He not only teaches Marketing Technology at the university level but at Multiminds he also runs marketing operations for some of the world's leading brands. Nicolas is the visionary behind the DappFuse platform.

Ian Brillembourg

Strategy & Acquisition

Ian brings extensive expertise in product management, data analytics, and strategic leadership to the DappFuse team. He is head of consumer product management at Plunk and led the Data and Metrics Department at Olympus DAO. Ian's leadership experience also extends to roles at Gawkbox, Zynga, Microsoft, and P&G.

Matt Polvi


Matt combines a background in corporate finance consulting and a decade-long passion for crypto trading. With experience in crypto asset management and education, he specializes in operations, strategy, and compliance. Matt holds an engineering degree from Cal Poly SLO and is based in San Diego.

Jack Davanzo

Business Development

Jack brings a wealth of Sales and Management experience from the Enterprise SaaS sector. He kickstarted his career at Salesforce and later pivoted to startups, successfully modernizing sales operations and achieving $100M+ in annual revenue for his most recent venture. Based in Denver, Jack is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and crypto researcher.

Emma Sharma

Product Lead

Emma is a seasoned product leader known for her innovative approaches. She currently serves as the Head of Product at Polywrap. A former management consultant at Deloitte with global impact, Emma also founded Pennn, a startup focused on sustainability. She is deeply passionate about emerging technologies, including AI and Web3.

Ethan Lehman

Full-Stack Engineer

Ethan is a Full Stack Developer near Salt Lake City, UT, combines technical expertise with data-driven strategies to advance web3 protocols and enhance system efficiencies. Specializing in dApps, SaaS, and analytics, his contributions to dashboard development facilitate informed decisions across marketing, investment, and business operations.